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Minibus Hire Stockport

Difference between Taxi and Minibus hire Stockport Services

The prime attractions in Stockport include the Stockport town hall, which has the largest theatre organ in Britain, the war memorial and the art gallery, St. Elizabeth church, and Vernon park. Other notable sites include the Stockport viaduct, which, built during the Victorian era, contains eleven million bricks. The more contemporary attraction includes the Stockport pyramid. The means of transport include the Manchester airport, located 8km away, the train station and a bus system. The other viable option is the minibus hire Stockport services.


Taxis operate in a first come, first serve basis. That is why there is the haggling and hustling for passengers, especially at the airport terminals. In some cases, for easier crowd control, the airports require that the passengers line up for the services. This is convenient for a small number of passengers. However, considering that Manchester airport is the largest airport outside the UK, this can never happen. The best option is the minibus hire Stockport service. They operate on a schedule, strictly in line with the flight schedules. They are composed of minibuses, with the passenger capacity ranging from 8-30 passengers. Unlike the taxi service, the minibuses require prior reservations. They then schedule their vehicle according to the clients' flight itinerary. Most, like the minibus hire service, have software that determines the exact planes schedule, including delays. This ensures that they pick the clients on time.

Payment Rates

The taxi service operates on a varying rate. The main cost determinants include the distance travelled, the stopovers, and in some instances, the time of the day or night. Manoeuvring around busy cities such as Stockport can turn out to be costly, given the huge traffic snarl-ups that plague the routes. This is because the taxi operators keep the meter running even in the course of the traffic jams. Some, especially if they notice that the client is a newcomer, usually take the longer route for get higher rates. The minibus hire services, however, operate on a fixed rate basis. This allows for peace of mind, regardless of the situation on the road. The minibus companies know that the clients are keen to get to the hotels fast, especially after a long flight.

In the same cost point, the mode of payment differs. For the minibus services, in order to get a space allocation, the minibus hire Stockport Company requires an initial deposit. The rest of the money is handed over the minute the client steps into the minibus. The client knows from the onset the total cost of the transport service. For the taxi service, however, the client only knows of the cost at the drop off point. This means that it is very hard to keep the transport tab in control, especially if you are visiting Stockport for some time.


Lastly, the other difference between taxi hire and minibus service is the privacy. For the taxi hire, there are usually no other parties in the vehicle. This offers the better option for those who prefer not to share such spaces. The minibus hire Stockport service is shared, with other parties occupying the other seats. Only in rare situations such as when a group occupies the whole vehicle that you will find people who know each other in the sane vehicle. However, it offers an opportunity for people to mingle and make new friends.

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